Friday, January 10, 2014

Show King Pigeon

Origin of Show King

American breed for meat and presentation around the most famous on the planet chose in the twentieth century. The breeds that have helped its arrangement are the Colombo Gallina, the Mundane, the Maltese and the Messenger. It has expansive muscles and weighs up to 900-1,000 grams. 

A mixed bag of auto sessabile King is, in any case, a bit 'lighter (700-800 gr.). The nestling’s guys have white nose and next to no down, the females have long and thick down coat and a dull light black ring in the upper tip of the beak.

Colors & Race of Show King

White, dark, dull stone, tan, red, yellow, blue with dark circles and pounded and pounded bars with tan, blue with silver poles and pounded and pounded bars with red, yellow with bars and pounded, Andalusian, indigo with circles(rods) and textured. There are additionally different shrouds, pretty much uncommon, incorporating zarzano in different colors, throttle and spot in different shades; almond (harlequin), blurred with or without poles, lessened, passive opal, dusty blue, bronze, colored shield on white and the other way around, and so forth.

Overall impression of Show King

Horizontal posture, balanced and harmonious shapes, large head and wide, short beak and strong; small wattles, prominent eyes and round, short tail, tarsus naked, reddish.

Show king pigeon are beautiful pigeons.

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