Saturday, January 11, 2014

How to Hand Feed Pigeons ?

Step by step How to Feed Pigeons :
  1. Gets a quantity of bird feeding (mostly sunflower seed) but any will work. 
  2. Turn you into hand into the form of a cup and push a very small stack of grain into your palm. 
  3. Deal with the pigeons, slowly, making not any abrupt actions or tones or you might possibly fright them. 
  4. Gradually bend down a few feet apart from them and lower your hand and take a seat it on the ground if they are on a ledge, lift up your hand until it is just height with their head or lower. 
  5. Hold your hand as still that you possibly can, at some point the pigeon will begin to consume food. 

  • Do not have a pile of food anywhere else or this will likely tempt them over to the second food resource.
  • Introducing a pigeon that already has learned how to eat out of your hand, will hopefully make an example for the rest of the pigeons and they should do the same.

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