Friday, January 10, 2014

How Do I Catch a Lost Homing Pigeon?

Homing pigeons every so often get lost while out on a flight. They will have a tendency to group with an alternate race of pigeons or will be seen sitting on tops or different territories looking disorientated yet will proceed their trip home. Household homers have a leg band with home data on it. Pigeons are not caught unless they are sick or frail from extending - you can essentially pick these pigeons up or get them with a bird net. Some lost pigeons are dried out and hungry and may require break to renew their  strength and power.

Instructions for Catching a Lost Homing Pigeon

1. Reach out lightly for the bird. Kneeling downwards and provides an outstretched hand with bird source to tempt the pigeon. Put a dish of water prior to the bird (dip a finger and sprinkle the water to express the pigeon it is in the bowl). 

2. Look if the pigeon is tired and dried up. Seek Out signals including shuffled feathers and a hunched-up show. Observe that sick or weak pigeons because they are easy to access. 

3. Pick up a calm pigeon. On the other hand, utilize a light towel or net to get a pigeon that is not eager to be gotten.

4. Carry the pigeon to a safe, calm area inside. Offer the pigeon more flying bird seed, pigeon nourishment and water while it is inside.

5. Wait for the pigeon to recoup. Pigeons that are really weak, hunched up or not eating or drinking in some hours need prompt veterinary aid. Let go a regained and alert pigeon in a secure and opened area and it should reorient and fly home on its own.

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