Friday, January 10, 2014

Egyptian Swift

Origin of Egyptian Swift

The region of ​​Egyptian Swift origin is unclear. Ludlow (cited in the work of Fulton, 1876) attributes Asian root and all the more decisively from India. He is sure that it had been foreign to England from Cairo and Alexandria, from which the name "Egyptian Swift" (Egyptian Swift). The name originates from the similitude of Swift of its shape to that of Swift.

Colors & Race of Egyptian Swift

Egyptian Swift Pigeon exceptionally stretched and amazingly low position. Short legs and featherless head smooth and adjusted, thick neck gave a little dewlap, eye iris with orange-red. The wingspan is between 80 and 90 cm. mantles: shrouds are all welcome. The most regularly cultivated in Europe are: dark with resplendent neck (Ryani), blue-yellow with brilliant neck (Gazaganti), slate ash with silver neck (Outadi), kaleidoscopic outline to pica.

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