Friday, January 10, 2014

How Old are Pigeons?

Pigeons have existed nearby man for thousands years with the first pictures of pigeons being discovered by archaeologists in Mesopotamia (present day Iraq) and going again to 3000bc.

Urban flock of Pigeons

It was the Sumerians in Mesopotamia that initially began to breed white birds from the wild pigeon that we see in our towns and urban communities today and this undoubtedly accounts, surely partially, for the astonishing mixture of colours that are generally discovered in the normal flock of urban pigeons.

To ancient people a white pigeon might have appeared wonderful and this demonstrates why the flying creature was broadly revered and recognized to be hallowed. All around mankind's history the pigeon has embraced numerous parts going from images of divine beings and goddesses through to conciliatory chumps, delegates, pets, nourishment and even war heroes!

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