Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to Train a Homing Pigeon ?

This step by step instruction will guide you how to prepare a homing pigeon or racing pigeon to fly out of your space and return.

Homing Racing Pigeon
Homing Racing Pigeon

  • You must sure that you have a homing or racing pigeon. Diverse pigeons are for show and won't fly back from long duration and distance.
  • Make a loft/space that a pigeon can enter.
  • Make sure there's an outsized gap, during which they will fly into. this could be predatorproof, though. you must be ready to lock the pigeons away for it's own safety.
  • Keep your pigeon in that covered room or space without making it possible for it out for about 4 weeks . 
  • Provide it balanced diet minimum not one but two times a day ( one time in the morning and once before they go to sleep at night ) , but do not ever overfeed it .
  • Right after your pigeons understand that their loft is their home, this will symbolize safety and security for them. They may go in and out of the loft repeatedly when you let them out.
  • For flying breeds such as homing pigeons or rollers pigeons, you can let the pigeons fly away, and they will return within a few hours.
  • If you do not have a homing pigeon and/or racing pigeon (if you have a fancy pigeon, for example), you can just let them out and they will return.
The next step is for homing pigeons only.
  • After about 2 weeks, the pigeons will have flown all around and gotten to know it's place. You may begin taking the bird to a set location about a mile away. Go North, South, East, and West so they have learned to come back from all directions. Do this more than once and then start doing it progressively a greater distance and farther. You can begin by going one mile away from the loft at first, then two miles, then five miles, then ten miles, etc. Homing pigeons will do well up to about 50 miles away. They have finally been known to come home from greater distance locations but usually this is for exceptional pigeons purely. A pure racing homer piegon will return from 100s of miles.

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